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I AM helping these companies reaching their next level of Identity and Access Management

I AM: A Consulting Expert

Founded in 2001, WedaCon has successfully realized hundreds of Identity Management Projects and Sub-Projects.

Carefully framed and by taking into account the current maturity level of the target landscape and organization, we make sure to keep things as simple as possible, but always with the potential to grow into something bigger.

I AM: Innovative

During the past 18 years, we developed a couple of innovative solutions for our customers. To cite a visitor of a conference, where we showcased an early version of a Semantic Identity Management System: "Wow. You are years ahead!"

Here are some of the specials we have worked on in the past (or currently), please visit our blog to get more details

  • Security Clearances based on the used authentication method (in 2003!)
  • Relational LDAP with IDM Backends
  • Graph-based Identity Management
  • Highly Intuitive GUI for Identity Management Systems, offering the shortest learning curve in the industry
  • Extending Identity to Entity Management using relations.

I AM: Your Support Partner

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